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Angular Training Course Details

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RI-TECH's Angular Training Course will enable you to build dynamic, responsive and interactive Client Side Web Applications, Front End Application or Single Page Application by mastering the Angular in depth. Our Angular Training covers concepts such as Angular Modules, Angular Components, Data binding, Angular Animations, Angular Forms, DOM manipulation using Directives and Pipes, Services and Dependency Injection (DI), Communicate with REST API using Http Client, Perform Routing and Authentication with ASP.NET Web API.

RI-TECH's Angular training Course is designed for Professional's and fresher's how to develop Single Page or Front End or Client Side Application. Angular Training Course designed by RI-TECH experts so that learner can get clear and deep understanding of Single Page Application (SPA)/ Client Side Application / Front End Application development. It starts with how to program in typescript and ends with a advance topics like hosting, security and optimization of angular Applications. The recent advancements in Angular have made it even more powerful than before, allowing developers to develop large robust client side application or front end application. YouTube, Google, Cisco, Nike, Samsung, Microsoft, Forbes, BMW and many Fortune 500 companies are using Angular as their front-end development framework so it will be feature of web and mobile application development.

Angular Training Course Benefits

  • In Depth Understanding of Single Page / Front Application Concepts
  • Learn State Management using Angular Services
  • Learn Navigation between components using Angular Routing
  • Master RXJS & Observables to manage Asynchronous Data using Angular
  • Understand How to call and use Live REST API using Http Client.
  • Understand Angular Forms and use Template Driven and Reactive Forms.
  • Learn advance concepts Angular Pipes ,Directives and develop your own custom pipes & directives.
  • It covers Angular 2,4,6,8 & 10.
  • 100 % practical oriented training with hands on assignment.
  • Understand Angular Project /Application Development.

Duration, Mode & Type

  • 30 Hours/Days (Online Mode)
  • 30 Hours/Days (Offline Mode)
  • Online & Class Room
  • Week Days & Weekends


  • HTML Knowledge
  • Shoudl know CSS
  • Basic Java Script
  • Varaibles, Data Types
  • Conditions (if-else)
  • Basic Looping

Trainer Profile

  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • Conducted 120+ Batches
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Why Angular Training Course at RI-TECH Pune?

Theory + Practical’s
15+ Years of Experienced
Faculty from Industry
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100% Job Assurance
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Hands on Real-time Projects
Extensive Exercise
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What our student Says?

Angular Training Course Content

Getting Started With Angular Topic Covers

  • What is Web application?
  • What is SPA / Client Side Application.
  • Introduction to Angular
  • Comparison of Angular JS & Angular
  • Comparison of Angular & React JS
  • What & Why is type Script?
  • Basic Programming using TypeScript
  • Object Oriented Programming using TypeScript
  • Advance Typescript Concepts
  • Angular Architecture
  • Building blocks of Angular
  • Angular Decorators, Packages, Modules
  • Angular Installation
  • Angular CLI
  • Angular CLI commands
  • Creating First Angular Application
  • Project Structure in Angular
  • Understand Bootstrapping
  • Run First Angular Application

In this module, you will learn about Angular Components. You will also learn how to build the application layout using selectors, templates, and styles.

  • What is Angular Component?
  • Anatomy of Angular Component
  • Creating A Component Directly
  • Creating A Component Through Angular CLI
  • Component Decorator & Selector
  • Inline and Linked Templates
  • Inline Or Linked Styles
  • Component Life Cycle
  • Component Life Cycle Hooks
  • Component Interaction using @Input and @Output decorator

In this module, you will learn how to manipulate DOM and add filters using Angular directives and pipes.

  • Understanding Angular Directives
  • @Component Directive
  • Constructors & Destructors
  • Structural Directives
  • Attribute Directives
  • Custom Directives
  • What us Pipe?
  • Built-in Pipes (Uppercase, Lowercase, Date, Currency etc)
  • Chaining pipes
  • Custom pipes
  • Pipe Transform Interface & Transform Function

In this module, you will learn how to create Angular services and inject it using dependency injection. You will also learn how to perform HTTP requests and receive response from the backend servers.

  • What is Angular service?
  • Need for a service
  • Dependency Injections
  • Creating a service
  • Hierarchical Injector
  • Registering Service using Providers
  • Injecting A Service into Another Service
  • Observables
  • Observer Pattern
  • RxJS Library
  • Angular’s Interaction with Backend
  • What is REST API?
  • HttpModule & HttpClient
  • Injectable Decorator
  • Http Headers
  • Retrieving JSON using get.
  • Post Data using Post/Put.
  • Delete Data using Delete.
  • Subscribe Component to Receive Data.
  • Error Handling

In this module, you will learn how to configure Angular routes and navigate between different components.

  • What is Routing/Navigation?
  • Angular Router - @angular/router package.
  • Setting Up Routes -forRoot /Routes
  • Adding Routes Using RouterLink
  • Wildcard and Redirecting Routes
  • Adding Navigation Programmatically
  • Passing Route Parameters
  • Extracting Parameters Using ActivatedRoute
  • Optional Route Parameters
  • Child Routes
  • Route Guards

In this module, you will learn how to deal with building a form using two approaches- template-driven and reactive. You will also learn about underlying building blocks of form model and types of directives with respect to the two types of forms.

  • What is Angular form?
  • Types of forms
  • Underlying building blocks of the form model
  • Template-driven vs Reactive forms
  • What is form Validation?
  • Form control’s status and validity
  • CSS classes for Form control
  • HTML 5 Validation
  • Validation in Template-driven forms
  • Reactive Forms
  • Form Group, Form Controls classes
  • Built-in Validators
  • Reactive Forms Validation
  • Forms using Form Builder
  • Dynamically adding data to a form (SetValue / PatchValue)

In this module, you will learn how to perform authentication of the application using JWT (JSON Web Tokens)

  • What is Authentication?
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Types of Authentication
  • Where to store tokens?
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Authentication in Angular application
  • Security threats in web application
 What is Angular?

Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. ... Components define views, which are sets of screen elements that Angular can choose among and modify according to your program logic and data.

 Who should go for Angular training program?

Any Working professional working as application developer wants to grow in hist /her carrier. Any Web Designer/ UI Or UX designer want to grow in his/her carrier. Any computer graduate/post graduate who is looking for long term career front in development.

 Who will be the trainers for Angular training Course in Pune?

RI-TECH has trainers having 15+ years of IT experience in Software Development and Trainings on various technologies like Knockout, Angular JS, Angular, React etc.

 Do we need Laptop for Angular training course practical’s in Pune?

If you want to go for online mode then you need a laptop otherwise do not need Laptop since RI-TECH has it's own fully equipped lab with all necessary infrastructure where you can do the practical’s, but if you want to use your own laptop you can.

  Do you provide all Software’s for Angular training course practical’s in Pune?

We provide you all software's and installation support if you want to install it on your laptop or desktop if you want to do the practice at home.

  Can I get Job assistance after I complete the Angular training/course in Pune?

RI-TECH has proven track records in placements; more than 2000+ students are working in Top MNC's. We provide 100% life time placement support.

  Why should I choose RI-TECH for Angular classes in Pune?

15+ years of Experience in Trainings.
Trained to more than 2400+ Students.
More than 2000+ Students Working in MNC's.
Free Upgrade's to Latest Technologies and Release.
Free Technical and Interview Skills.
State Of Art Infrastructure.
Exposure to Industry Standards.
RI-TECH provides 100% Placement Assistance.
RI-TECH provides Study Material Designed by Experts having more than 10+ years of experience.
RI-TECH has tie up's with more than 100+ companies for placements & industrial trainings.
Latest technology workshops and seminars.

  How can I enroll to Angular training course in Pune?

You can do this course online or offline both mode, you just call our executive on Mob. +91 8793801215,+91 9730010404.

  Do you offer flexible timing for working professionals?

Yes, we do, we have flexible timings in week days and weekend for working professionals.

  Do you offer demo session for Angular training course in Pune?

Yes, we do provide 1 Day(One Session) demo session for Angular training course in Pune.