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Angular Ionic Training Course Details

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RI-TECH's Angular Ionic Training Course is extensive training designed by our expert's using which will help you to develop beautifull and power full Hybrid Mobile Application. It is very comprehensive course to master the Ionic Framework and Services for developing hybrid mobile apps. The course is hands-on so that you may understand the practical aspects of Ionic including the backbone of Ionic, that is Angular, and then move onto Ionic fundamentals and services. In this Hybrid Mobile App Development using Angular Ionic Framework course, we will see how to quickly get up and running with an Ionic App in seconds.

We will then cover navigation and routing, followed by demonstrations of all the primary Ionic components. We will also cover data and caching for offline functionality, as well as mapping and providing driving directions. We will finish with a review of ngCordova to easily access native device features such as the camera, barcode scanner, and more.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to start building your own mobile apps using the Ionic Framework and Angular!

Angular Ionic Training Course Benefits

  • You will learn about Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • In depth understanding of Angular App.
  • Solid fundamentals of Angular Ionic
  • In depth learning of Capacitor and Cordova
  • Using device native features in your app.
  • Understand Services, Routing and State Management.
  • CURD Operations using Entity Framework.

Duration, Mode & Type

  • 50 Hours/ Days (Online Mode)
  • 50 Hours/ Days (Offline Mode)
  • Week Days & Weekends


  • Basic Programming.
  • Java Script.
  • HTML.
  • CSS
  • Basics API

Trainer Profile

  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • Conducted hundred's of Batches
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Why Angular IONIC Training Course At RI-TECH Pune?

Theory + Practical’s
15+ Years of Experienced
Faculty from Industry
Get Certified
100% Job Assurance
Calls till Placements
Hands on Real-time Projects
Extensive Exercise
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and Upgrades
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What our student says?

Angular Ionic Training Course Content

In this topic you will learn what is Hybrid Mobile App and basics of Angular Ionic?

  • What is Hybrid Mobile App?
  • What is Ionic?
  • What is Ionic Platform?
  • What is Angular?
  • First Ionic App.
  • History of Ionic.
  • Ionic 4 vs 5.
  • How to build Native Apps?

In this topic we will refresh angular concepts.

  • What is Angular?
  • Angular SPA's & Ionic.
  • Components in Angular.
  • Angular CLI.
  • Folder Structure.
  • App Component.
  • Create First Component.
  • Bindings in Angular.
  • Directives and Interpolation.
  • Events and Inputs.
  • Services & DI.
  • Navigation in Angular.
  • RxIs & Http Client.

In this topic, we will learn how we can use the angular with Ionic.

  • Module Introduction
  • Why Use Angular?
  • Creating a New Ionic Angular Project
  • Important: CSS Utility Attributes
  • Analysing the Created Project
  • How Angular & Ionic Work Together?
  • Important: Extra Routing Modules
  • Adding & Loading a New Page
  • Using Angular Features on Ionic Components
  • Setting Up Angular Routes
  • Managing State with Services
  • Extracting and Displaying Route Param Data
  • Navigating Between Pages
  • Injecting Ionic Controllers
  • Angular Components vs Ionic Components

In this topic, you will learn what is capacitor? Use Capacitor to develop Native Apps.

  • Module Introduction
  • General Information
  • Creating an Android App
  • Running the App on Android Device
  • Creating an iOS App
  • Running the App on a Real Device

In this module, you will learn how to debug angular ionic app?

  • Module Introduction
  • Error Messages & console.log()
  • Using the Browser Devtools & Breakpoints
  • Using VS Code for Debugging
  • Debugging the UI & Performance
  • Debugging Android Apps
  • Debugging iOS Apps

In this module, you will learn how to navigate between angular ionic pages?

  • Module Introduction
  • How Routing Work In An Ionic + Angular App?
  • Ionic Page Caching & Extra Lifecycle Hooks/li>
  • Creating Our App Pages
  • Ionic 5 and Routing / Lazy Loading
  • Adjusting Our Main Routing Configuration
  • Understanding Ionic Tabs
  • Adding Tabs to the App
  • Preparing Data & Services for the Project
  • Outputting "Places"
  • Adding Forward Navigation
  • Going Back with NavController
  • Navigating via Toolbar Buttons
  • A Bug with Ionic
  • Extracting the ID of Loaded Places
  • Adding a Side Drawer
  • Opening + Closing the Side Drawer
  • Adding Links & Switching Pages
  • Adding the Auth Service
  • Adding an Auth Guard
  • Opening a Modal
  • Closing the Modal & Passing Data

In this module, you will learn about ionic components, sizing and layouting.

  • Attributes & Slots
  • Ionic Grid Basics
  • Binding -source, target, mode and trigger
  • Controlling Grid Alignment
  • Responsive Grid Sizing
  • Grid Summary
  • ion-list vs ion-grid
  • ion-label & ion-item
  • ion-text
  • Swipeable List Items
  • Swipeable Bookings
  • Understanding Virtual Scrolling
  • Implementing Virtual Scrolling
  • Virtual Scrolling Bugs
  • Adding Image Elements
  • Segmented Buttons
  • Adding a Spinner
  • Using the Loading Controller
  • Using the ActionSheet Controller

In this module, you will learn how style and theme angular ionic app.

  • How Styling & Theming Works in Ionic Apps
  • Docs & Utility Attributes
  • Setting Global Theme Variables
  • Setting Global Styles
  • Setting All Colors at Once
  • Setting Platform-Specific Styles
  • Styling Core Components with Variables
  • Missing iOS Icons
  • Adding Custom CSS Rules
  • Component-specific CSS Variables

In this module, you will learn how to handle the user input.

  • User Input Requirements
  • Setting Up a Form Template
  • Angular 8 & @ViewChild()
  • Adding a Template-driven Form
  • Handling Validation/li>
  • Switching Between Auth Modes
  • Finishing the Auth Form
  • Starting Work on a New Offer Form
  • Creating a Reactive Form
  • Syncing the Form to the Template
  • Edit Form Challenge
  • Configuring the Date Controls
  • Validating & Submitting the Form

In this module, you will learn how to manage the state in angular ionic

  • What is State?
  • Using RxJS Subjects for State Management
  • Passing Data via Subjects & Subscriptions
  • UI State in Action
  • UI State with Bookable Places
  • Filtering & Navigation

In this module, you will learn about Http Client service to make calls to backend api.

  • How To Connect to a Backend?
  • Setting Up Firebase
  • Sending Data via Http
  • Using Response Data
  • Fetching & Displaying Data
  • Error Handling
  • Add New Data
  • Edit existing Data
  • Delete Existing Data

In this module, you will learn how to access native device features using Capacitor and Cordova.

  • Understanding Capacitor & Cordova
  • Using the Docs
  • Using Capacitor Plugins
  • Getting the User Location
  • Testing the Location Feature
  • Angular 8 & @ViewChild()
  • Starting With the Image Picker
  • Taking Pictures
  • Delete Existing Data
  • Avoid Distorted Pictures
  • Detecting the Platform Correctly
  • Adding a Filepicker Fallback
  • Getting the Picked Image
  • Converting the Image String to a File
  • Storing the Image in the Form
  • Capacitor v1 & PWA Elements
  • Using PWA Elements
  • Improving the ImagePicker Component

In this module, you will learn what is Authentication? How to implement Authentication in Angular Ionic App?

  • How Authentication Works?
  • Firebase API Key
  • Adding User Signup
  • Refactoring the Authentication Code
  • Adding User Login
  • Managing the User with a Subject
  • Using the userId Everywhere
  • Storing Auth Data in Device Storag
  • Adding Autologin
  • Using Autologin
  • Adding a Reactive Logout System
  • Adding Autologout
  • Requiring the Auth Token on the Backend
  • Sending the Auth Token to the Backend
  • More Token Usage

In this module, you will learn how to publish Ionic App?

  • Preparing App Configs
  • Custom Icons & Splash Screens
  • Android Deployment
  • iOS Deployment
  • Web Development
 What is Angular Ionic?

Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — with integrations for popular frameworks like Angular and React.

 Who should go for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Training Program?

Any fresher or experienced candidate who want to master Hybrid Mobile App (Android Mobile App/ IOS Mobile App) Development. Any fresher or experienced candidate who want to grow in carieer as a mobile app developer or hybrid mobile app developer.

 Who will be the trainers for Angular Ionic training course in Pune?

RI-TECH has trainers having 6+ years of IT experience in Mobile App Development and Trainings on various technologies like J Query Mobile and Cordova, Angular Ionic, React Native , Flutter etc.

 Do we need Laptop for Angular Ionic training course practical’s in Pune?

If you want to go for online mode then you need a laptop otherwise do not need Laptop since RI-TECH has it's own fully equipped lab with all necessary infrastructure where you can do the practical’s, but if you want to use your own laptop you can.

  Do you provide all Software’s for Angular Ionic training course practical’s in Pune?

We provide you all software's and installation support if you want to install it on your laptop or desktop if you want to do the practice at home.

  Can I get Job assistance after completion of Angular Ionic training /course in Pune?

This is 100% job guaranteed training so you do not need to worry about job. RI-TECH has proven track records in placements; more than 2000+ students are working in Top MNC's. We provide 100% life time placement support.

  Why should I choose RI-TECH for Angular Ionic Training classes in Pune?

15+ years of Experience in Trainings.
Trained to more than 2400+ Students.
More than 2000+ Students Working in MNC's.
Free Upgrade's to Latest Technologies and Release.
Free Technical and Interview Skills.
State Of Art Infrastructure.
Exposure to Industry Standards.
RI-TECH provides 100% Placement Assistance.
RI-TECH provides Study Material Designed by Experts having more than 10+ years of experience.
RI-TECH has tie up's with more than 100+ companies for placements & industrial trainings.
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  How can I enroll to Angular Ionic training course in Pune?

You can do this course online or offline both mode, you just call our executive on Mob. +91 8793801215,+91 9730010404.

  Do you offer flexible timing for working professionals?

Yes, we do, we have flexible timings in week days and weekend for working professionals.

  Do you offer demo session for Angular Ionic training course in Pune?

Yes, we do provide 1 Day demo session for Angular Ionic training course in Pune.