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Struts and Hibernate Training

RI-TECHS Struts and Hibernate Training is designed for java programmers to upgrade their skills to develop the robust and scalable web applications using MVC Design pattern as well to understand and leverage the benefits of the ORM tool like hibernate

  • Understand Web Application Architecture
  • Learn Basics of MVC Design Pattern Architecture
  • Understand ORM Concepts
  • Develop Robust Web Application
35 Lectures of 1 Hour
Basic java programming with html and CSS knowledge is necessary

Struts2 Content

  • Introduction to Struts2
  • MVC architecture/Design Pattern
  • MVC implementation using Simple Servlet and Understanding M-V-C components
  • Front Controller Design Pattern
  • Implementation of Front Controller pattern using Servlet
  • Setting up first Struts2 example
  • Dynamic method invocation(Multi actions)
  • Writing Simple-form application
  • Writing Advance-form app
  • Struts tag-lib
  • Interceptor
  • Simple Form validations
  • XML form validation
  • File uploading
  • Tiles with Struts
  • I18N application in Struts
  • Spring integration with Struts
  • Struts MVC vs Spring MVC

Hibernate Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Hibernate features
  • Hibernate configuration and mapping files(config, hbm)
  • SessionFactory and Configuration objects
  • Configure first Hibernate application
  • Perform CURD operations using Hibernate Session
  • Hibernate Instance states(Transient, Persistence and Detached)
  • Hibernate Query Language(HQL)
  • Hibernate Criterial API
  • Simple Native Queries
  • Named queries, parameterized queries and named parameters
  • Hibernate Transaction Management
  • Different Relations in hibernate 1:1, 1:M, M:M
  • Object loading approaches- lazy and eager
Name: Achyut V Kendre
Achyut V Kendre CEO of Revolution Infosystems, has more than 9+ years of experience of developing the applications using Microsoft Technologies.
From last 5 year's he is conducting corporate and professional trainings of ASP.NET MVC 5.0 at various corporates and technical institutions.