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LINQ and Entity Framework Training

RI-TECH provides LINQ to Entity Framework Training for those .NET application developers who has a knowledge of .NET and ASP.NET Web form using ADO.NET and want to upgrade its skills to Data Programming using Microsoft’s Latest Querying Technology Linq and ORM Tool Entity Framework.

  • Learn LINQ Queries and Extension Method for Data Manipulation
  • Understand How to use Linq to Query XML.
  • Understand ORM and Entity Framework.
12 Lecture of 1 Hour
Anybody show wants to attend this training should have the knowledge of C#.NET Programming with knowledge of ASP.NET Web Form

Linq Basics

  • Understand IQuerable and IEnumerable
  • Introduction to Linq
  • Linq To Object
  • Linq Query Syntax
  • Basic Linq Queries


  • Introduction
  • XML Today
  • System.XML.Linq
  • Creating XML
  • Saving XML
  • Loading XML
  • Processing XML
  • Namespaces
  • Traversal
  • Query Operators
  • Query Extensions
  • XPath
  • Summary

Linq To SQL

  • Introduction to Linq to SQL
  • Introduction to ORM
  • Introduction to Linq to SQL class
  • Structure of DBML file
  • Data Context and Classes
  • Basic Linq to SQL Queries
  • Linq Advance Queries
  • Linq Joins – Left, Right, Full
  • Linq Group joins and Cross Join
  • Linq To SQL Extension Methods
  • Combine Query and Extension Methods
  • CURD using Linq To SQL
  • Save / Delete/ Update multiple Records
  • Managing Transactions
  • Linq Query Optimization

Entity Framework 6.0

  • Introduction to ORM
  • Introduction Entity Framework
  • Entity Framework Architecture
  • Entity Framework Advantages
  • Understanding Object Context
  • Entity Life Cycle
  • Data First Approach of Entity Framework
  • Introduction to Linq to Entities
  • CURD in Entity Framework
  • Transactions in Entity Framework
  • Model First Approach
  • Creating Model
  • Generating Database
  • CURD using Model First Approach
  • Code First Approach
  • Understanding Data ConText and DBSet
  • Defining Classes for Code First
  • CURD using Code First
  • Understanding Migrations
  • Future Road Map
Name: Achyut V Kendre
Achyut V Kendre CEO of Revolution Infosystems, has more than 9+ years of experience of developing the applications using Microsoft Technologies.
From last 5 year's he is conducting corporate and professional trainings of ASP.NET MVC 5.0 at various corporates and technical institutions.