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C#.NET Training

RI-TECH offer's C#.NET 5.0 is Uniquely organized training course around concepts and use cases with updated content reorganized in sections on concurrency, threading, and parallel programming—including & asynchronous programming

  • Get up to speed on C# language basics, including syntax, types, and variables
  • Learn Advance Concepts Like Generics, Collections and Lambda Expressions
  • Understand Events, Delegates and Runtime Types
  • Understand Concepts like Async Programming and TPL
30 Lectures of 1 Hour
Programming Basics like variable, looping, compiling program etc.

C#.NET Basics

  • Introduction to .NET
  • CLR Basics
  • Basic C#.NET Programming
  • C# Looping, Arrays, 2D Arrays
  • Structures in C#.NET
  • Advance Programming Options
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Exception Handling

Commanding C#.NET

  • Generic and Collections
  • Built in Collections
  • Delegate, Events and Lambda Expressions
  • Programming Interfaces and Structures
  • Attributes, Reflection
  • Extension Methods
  • Variants, Anonymous Methods & Types
  • IEnumerable and IQuerable Interfaces
  • Async Programming and TPL

Desktop Application Development

  • Introduction Win Form
  • Basic Controls
  • SDI & MDI applications
  • Advance Controls Like Menu, ToolBar etc.

Database Programming using ADO.NET

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • ADO.NET Classes
  • Connected and Disconnected Architecture
  • Executing Stored Procedures

File Handling

  • Stream Basics
  • Byte Stream using File Stream
  • Character Streams
  • Record Based File Handling using Binary Streams
  • Random Access Files
  • Serialization & De serialization
  • Built in Classes Like File, File Info, Directory and Directory Info

Socket Programming

  • Introduction to Sockets
  • Connection Oriented Sockets
  • TCP and TCP Client
  • Connection Less Sockets
  • UDP Sockets
  • Chat Application.
Name: Achyut V Kendre
Achyut V Kendre CEO of Revolution Infosystems, has more than 9+ years of experience of developing the applications using Microsoft Technologies.
From last 5 year's he is conducting corporate and professional trainings of ASP.NET MVC 5.0 at various corporates and technical institutions.